Remote Care + Connection

The RevUp Care Hub

The RevUp Care Hub is simple to use and a powerful way to stay healthy. This home health device – ordered by your doctor –  connects you with your care team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Connect to great care with RevUp!

Health Management

Your new RevUp Care Hub makes managing your health at home effortless. Using the health devices your doctor has provided for you, important information regarding your vitals is uploaded and stored automatically in your RevUp app and health dashboard, and is also made available to your doctor to view the information they need the most to stay on top of your health.

Remote Monitoring

Remote vitals monitoring with the RevUp Care Hub provides alerts to your clinical care team when your vitals are outside of their pre- determined thresholds, providing an opportunity for quick intervention and immediate care. We believe this will lead to better health outcomes and recovery times related to your medical conditions.

Care Reminder

The RevUp Care Hub is programmed to match your individual care plan and will electronically remind you take medications, follow through on treatment tests such as blood pressure, blood sugar or important recurring appointments. If you do not respond to these reminders, this will trigger an alert to our clinical care team, who will attempt to reach you directly for a wellness check.

Emergency Response Service

In an emergency, just press the button on your watch pendant or RevUp Care Hub and you will be connected to an emergency response team who will stay on the line and get help.

Nurse Connect

Your RevUp Care Hub easily  connects you to a heath coach working with your doctor if you have questions or need support.

When your doctor orders the RevUp Care Hub for you, they may also order one or more of these accessories to monitor your health: