How to Use Emojis – Part 1

3 years ago

Emojis — your grandkids use them, your RevUp care team uses them, and maybe even your friends use them; but expanding beyond the world of heart emojis ❤️and thumbs-up emojis 👍🏼, can give your text and email game a little extra edge.

Below 👇, we have outlined some of our favorite sassy emojis and provided a few hints to their hidden meanings, so you can be on your way to impressing your friends and family in no time.

😈: This emoji is most commonly used when you’re feeling sneaky, maybe even a bit sinister. The devious smile, downturned eyebrows, and devil horns are all a dead giveaway that you’re up to no good. Perhaps you’re hatching a devious plan, or doing something you’re not supposed to be, but at the end of the day your intentions are good, and your actions are for the most part innocent.

This could look a little something like this:

Like most emojis, this one isn’t to be taken too seriously, but can be really funny when used in the correct context.

🤪: The Zany Face Emoji, as it is known, is usually a bit self-deprecating. Maybe you’ve done something silly or out of character, but at the end of the day, you and your friends are going to laugh about it.

Something along the lines of:

This can show that you are maybe laughing at yourself a bit, and want everyone to laugh alongside you.

👀: The eyes emoji is one of our favorites, and can be hilarious when used correctly. This emoji is most often used as a response to new, intriguing information, and hot gossip (or ‘hot tea,’ as the kids call it).

Let’s say you get this message from your bestie:

This lets your friend know that you are paying attention and intrigued from the sidelines and is a fun, sharp response that is sure to make anyone chuckle.

The world of emojis is vast and ever-evolving, so it is okay to not have it figured out right away. While the recommendations above are a great place to start, once you get more comfortable, you can start expanding your emoji vocabulary and incorporating your personal flair.

At RevUp, we are all about connectivity. We want to connect you with yourself, your health, and your family; and as trivial as emojis may seem, they are a great way to help you build connections with friends and family across generations. Communication is a key component in building and maintaining healthy relationships, and as the world of communication changes, we want to help you evolve along with it.

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