Tips on Staying Happy by Staying Connected

3 years ago

Our goal at RevUp is to provide our patients with the resources they need to live safely and comfortably between doctor visits. monitoring your own health may feel like a massive undertaking, but RevUp’s team of highly trained experts is here to help. Your RevUp care team is passionate about all aspects of your wellness, not just physical, and we are here to support you in navigating your social wellness journey. In this email, you will find some tips on how to grow your network, create connections and get involved with your community in a fun and interactive ways. 

Social Well-Being for Seniors: Tips on Staying Happy by Staying Connected

Taking ownership over your physical health through Remote Patient Monitoring is an important and impressive first step, but it is a good idea to check in with your mental health as well. It can be difficult to navigate getting back to your pre-pandemic normal in a post-vaccine world, but it may be more important now than ever – not only for increased happiness but to reduce the chance of developing more serious conditions such as depression and dementia. 

  • Take a class
    Is there a topic that has always piqued your interest, but you have never found the time or energy to delve deeper into learning about it? There is no time like the present! Many universities offer free or discounted courses to senior citizens, which can be a great way to engage your mind while making connections with others. This may take you out of your typical social circle, but that is a good thing! Filling your life with not only new knowledge but new friends from all ages and backgrounds will enrich your life in deep and meaningful ways.
  • Get involved 
    Getting involved with a local charity organization is a great way to give back to your community while making friends who have similar interests as you. Whether it is doing planning and preparations, helping out at events, or cleaning up afterward, you can be sure you will be surrounded by people from start to finish. Working towards a common goal alongside other passionate individuals is one of the best ways to form profound and lasting connections. 
  • Sign up for an Exercise Class
    Staying active is important for all ages and stages of life, but can be especially beneficial to the physical and mental health of seniors. Regular exercise has been shown to improve immune function and is a powerful tool for preventable disease management. What’s more, exercising releases endorphins, which are associated with stress relief and feelings of joy and satisfaction. Signing up for a gym membership or exercise class is also a great way to meet new people who also want to stay active. Forming friendships at the gym will make exercising feel less like a chore, and more like a fun social activity, helping you stay active for years to come. 
  • Join a club 
    Joining a club can help you stay socially active by connecting you with like-minded individuals who have similar interests. Whether it’s a book club, a monthly movie night or a gardening club, participating in engaging activities with others can foster new and long-lasting friendships. To find a club that suits you, think about what you like to do alone in your free time and whether or not it can be done with others. Knitting and quilting, for example, are great solitary activities, but also ones that can be made more fun with friends! Once you think of something that sounds exciting, look it up on the internet to see if it exists in your area. You’ll be surprised to realize there are senior clubs for almost anything! 
  • Check out your local senior center
    Finally, your local senior center is likely a hub of fun activities, social events, and educational programs, and is a great place to start if you’re looking to incorporate more socializing into your routine. If you are unsure which of the aforementioned suggestions sounds most appealing, joining a senior center can offer a little bit of everything. Classes, workshops, events, dinners, exercise clubs — this list goes on! Meeting new people as a senior can be challenging, but joining a senior center is a sure-fire way to form bonds and create new friendships. 

Getting active through gym membership, being creative in art class, making new friends volunteering — we call these RevUp Moments, and we are thrilled to be along this journey with you. RevUp is a family, and as a family, we are dedicated to ensuring you have the best quality of life imaginable. We are here to support your physical health journey, but we know that mental health is an important factor in achieving this goal.

We hope that you found these social wellness tips helpful and that you decide to implement at least one into your routine. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to your RevUp health coach to check in on your well-being.

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